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Public Notices

Special Meeting Notice- 12-8-18

2018-19 Board Approved/Proposed Minutes

December 2018 Proposed Minutes

November 2018 Approved Minutes

October 2018 Approved Minutes

September 2018 Approved Minutes

August 2018 Approved Minutes

July 2018- Meeting canceled due to lack of quorum

June 2018 Approved AOM Board Minutes

2017-18 Board Approved/Proposed Minutes

May 2018 Approved Regular Minutes

April 2018 Approved Regular Minutes-Budget Hearing 

March 2018 Proposed Regular Minutes

February 2018 Approved Regular minutes

January 2018 Approved Regular Minutes

December 2017 Approved Regular Minutes

November 2017- Canceled No Quroum

October 2017 Approved Regular Minutes

September 2017 Approved Regular Minutes

August 2017 Approved Regular Minutes

July 2017- Canceled No Quroum

June 2017 Approved AOM Board Minutes

2018-19 Board Meeting Approved Agendas

December 2018 Special Approved Agenda

November 2018 Approved Agenda

October 2018 Approved Agenda

September 2018 Approved Agenda

August 2018 Regular Agenda

July 2018-Meeting canceled due to lack of quorum

June 2018 Regular Agenda

2017-18 Special Meeting Agendas

GEE Board Retreat 12-9-17

October  2017 Special Meeting Agenda  

2017-18 Board Meeting Approved Agendas

May 2018 Regular Agenda

April 2018 Regular Agenda-Budget Hearing

March 2018 Regular Agenda

February 2018 Regular Agenda

January 2018 Regular Agenda

December 2017 Regular Agenda

November 2017- Canceled No Quroum

October 2017 Regular Agenda

September 2017 Regular Agenda

August 2017 Regular Agenda

July 2017-   Canceled No Quroum

June 2017 Special AOM Agenda

Board Calendar

The Global Tech Academy Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at Global Tech Academy. Students and members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.

2018-19 Revised Board Meeting Calendar

Board Members

2018-19 Board Members

Board Policies

Board Policies 2018

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